The AgriAcademy is open for partnership with private sector companies, academic and research institutions, CSOs and NGOs, and others experienced with professional transfer of knowledge and promotion of innovations, capacity development and upgrade education in agriculture of Ukraine.

Partner with us:

If you are willing to share the knowhow and provide educational and training services to agricultural academic community to become more visible and reach more learners and educators in the agricultural field of Ukraine

If you are interested to provide the quality agribusiness training and share practical learning information through our platform to the agribusiness entrepreneurs of Ukraine

If you want to share your success stories and innovations from your fields for the benefits of agribusiness entrepreneurs, farmers and academic community and to extend your impact and network

If you are a business or corporation interested in using the AgriAcademy to train and develop your employees, develop the talent and help learners reach their careers goals with in-demand training and certifications

If you are interested to collaborate with us please contact us