AgriAcademy is a digital educational space for the knowledge and skills exchange in agribusiness.

The EBRD has created a new digital learning environment for modern knowledge and practical innovations – the AgriAcademy platform.

The platform’s purpose is to improve the access of the Ukrainian agribusiness community to professional skills, successful business cases and innovative solutions that meet modern market challenges.

Our users

Agricultural business employees

Small, medium and large agricultural companies

Students and lecturers of agricultural universities

Our partners

Experts and knowledge institutions

Industry associations

Territorial communities

Our platform

Interactive online courses




Our advantages

Educational materials from the best Ukrainian practitioners

Adapted courses from the world's leading universities

Successful business cases and innovative solutions

Free access to educational materials

Study wherever and whenever

Certificates of successful training completion

Learning and growing in agribusiness with AgriAcademy is easy!

And it is  necessary especially today, when we have to cope with new challenges caused by the war! Now the agricultural sector is holding its front. The AgriAcademy platform will help to become a superpower on it to guarantee the country’s food security. We are convinced that acquiring new knowledge and improving ourselves means bringing Ukraine’s victory closer!

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